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Dream to live clean?

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Subcontractors or Employees

Customers are most protected if they use companies that hire employees. There are some issues associated with hiring subcontractors. The hiring cleaning company cannot direct them how the work should be done. Subcontractors may not be covered under any liability insurance. Legitimate cleaning companies are covered by L & I insurance and their employees are trained to OSHA standards. On the other hand, contractors are independent individuals and can be considered as vendors of the company you hire. There are not covered by L & I insurance and have not been trained. Using subcontractors or individuals is a gamble. You will never know what you can get!


Any house cleaning company, individual or large, that does good and efficient work should be proud to provide you with a solid list of references.

Insured & Bonded

Before you hire a cleaning service company, you should know if that company is insured and bonded. A cleaning company is responsible to carry liability insurance. This kind of insurance covers damage to your home or property caused by cleaning company employees. A bond is insurance that protects you, the client. It insures that you will be reimbursed if it is proven that theft or damage was caused by a cleaning company employee.

Hiring professional house cleaning company

A professional house cleaning company provides dependability, screened employees and peace of mind for every client. Your house will be cleaned even if your maid is sick, takes vacation, has car problems or has an appointment that comes up. All the employees are trained, qualified and trustworthy. One person companies are less structured and they may take liberties that you can be uncomfortable with. They can bring their children with them to watch TV while they clean. Moreover, a friend may help them occasionally without your knowledge. Overall, there are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning company.

Prices / Rates

There are two ways to get the prices and rates on cleaning services of you house. You can receive it over by phone or you can set up an appointment for a free in-home estimate. The representative should ask you a few questions regarding the size and condition of your place before he can give you an estimate. You should be explained different tasks that will completed. The cleaning cost will depend on how large your home is and how much cleaning it may require. Of course, a deep or spring cleanings cost more than a regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings.

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