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Dream to live clean?

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Please call the cleaning service company within 24 hours if you are unhappy with a cleaning they have provided. They will come in to your home again and reclean it for free. Every staff should be highly trained and well supervised; however, every human being can make a mistake.
In this type of profession, the employee turnover is from 3 to 5 months as reported by a recent nationwide survey. However, a lot of companies have turnover rates better than the average. It's crucial that cleaning service businesses hire the best possible workers and then do all they can to hold on to them. �A successful contractor recognizes that the most important asset in their organization is their employees,� says Peter Criville, president of Shellville Services Inc., in King of Prussia , Pa. �They are the method by which they provide their service, and they create the first and usually lasting impression with customers, which becomes the cornerstone of the company's reputation.�
Before you hire a cleaning service, you should know what kind of employees they have. Some cleaning companies do a background check before they hire a person. Employees should be insured and bonded. As I said before, they should have been background screened and have completed a training program which includes numerous instructional videos and significant on-the-job training with a seasoned staff member. This is exactly what you should be looking for. Moreover, you can ask for references and call to see what other customers have to say about cleaning service's employees.
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