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1. One time thorough
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
... holidays, parties, gift for a family member or friend or a vacation from house cleaning. This kind of cleaning should include: Vacuum all carpets Mop, wax and polish floors Clean floors and tiles Clean ...
... can bring their children with them to watch TV while they clean. Moreover, a friend may help them occasionally without your knowledge. Overall, there are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional house ...
3. Who should provide cleaning supplies and equipment?
(Hiring cleaning service/Hiring cleaning service)
It is mostly up to you if you want to offer your own cleaning supplies or if you want your cleaning service to provide that. Every cleaning service should have their own supplies that are friendly, unscented ...
4. WD40 your cleaning friend
(How To Clean/Tips and Hints)
WD40-spray lubricant can be your littler helper in many ways. It is very good at removing the stickers your kids plant all over their room. Peel off the top layer and then spray the residue, wipe with ...