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1. Baseboards
(Bedroom Cleaning Tips/Bedroom Cleaning Tips)
First you should vacuum it with a vacuum hose. Then, wipe it with a wet sponge or rag (1 cup of vinegar, 5 cups of water).
2. Spring / Falls cleaning
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
Spring and fall house cleaning services include regular routine cleaning services (provided above) plus any of the following requested: Wash and clean baseboards Clean fireplaces Clean ceiling fans, light ...
3. Post construction cleaning
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
... should include the following and much more: Vacuum carpets and floors Wash all surfaces Dust and polish all furniture Clean baseboards and book cases Dust removal from light fixtures, vents, etc Stain ...
4. Move in / Move out cleaning
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
... This kind of cleaning includes: Through full house vacuum Wash all floors Clean baseboards Complete bathroom cleaning Complete kitchen cleaning Clean inside oven Clean inside freezer and refrigerator ...
5. Initial home cleaning
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
... books and clean bookshelves Wet wash door facings and baseboards Clean light fixtures Clean ceiling fans Dust vents  ...
6. Maintenance house cleaning
(Type of Service/Type of Service)
... all appliances outside Polish stainless steel appliances Wipe down cabinet facings Clean and sanitize sinks Wash floors Whole House Dusting Vacuum all carpets Clean baseboards Remove cobwebs Dust ceiling ...
7. Smelly chopping boards
(How To Clean/Tips and Hints)
Your chopping boards smell like a garlic and onion, squeeze lemon juice onto the board and wipe with a damp cloth to remove strong odors.  ...