Is the company bonded and insured?

Before hiring a new cleaning service company, you should always check if the company is bonded or insured. In addition, you have to make sure that employees who are coming to your house are covered under it.

Let me explain what is the difference between bonded and insured.

The bond itself is a kind of insurance as well that protects and reimburses you as a customer if an employee steals anything from your place.

On the other hand, insured means that cleaning service company carries liability coverage for property damage, personal injuries and workers' compensation. Therefore, it protects you and covers damages made to your home caused by company's employees. It also covers employees for personal injuries.

Every cleaning service company can have different bond and insurance coverage what gives different degrees of protection. You should remember that you always have the right to ask the cleaning company for a certificate of insurance. You can also ask for the insurance agent's name and phone number and contact him directly.

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