Bedroom Cleaning Tips

One of the most important cleaning priorities in your house should be keeping your bedroom clean and neat. This is a room where you spend at least seven to eight hours a day. Thatís the place where you sleep, get dressed and relax. If your bedroom has a dirty carpet, dusty furniture, ceiling fan and unchanged linens, before you know you will have dusty mites; moreover, it can create health problems for you as well. For example, it could be allergies and bronchitis. Let me show you how you can clean your bedroom from top to bottom. Remember, to always start cleaning your bedroom from the top. Here is the step by step cleaning schedule of your bedroom:

1 Trash Baskets
2 Wood Floors
3 Carpet
4 Baseboards
5 Bed
6 Windows
7 Window Blinds
8 Window Frames and Tops of all Doors
9 Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures